Stocks Stretch Rally to a Third Day

Wall Street made it 3-for-3 this week, delivering another winning day Wednesday. The Dow rallied by 162 points, and the Nasdaq Composite rose by 1.3%.

Investors are sinking their teeth into corporate earnings as quarterly reports continue to pour in. Google reported a profit of about $3.5 billion and sales of $15.5 billion last quarter, but both measures missed analysts’ expectations.

While Google is growing and diving into innovative markets, it's not making as much money from marketers who are paying less to display their ads on phones and tablets.

The New York Attorney General has subpoenaed six firms, including Jump Trading, Chopper Trading, and Tower Research Capital, asking for details about split-second stock trades that give some investors an edge over others.

Meanwhile, the Camry is getting a top-to-bottom makeover. Toyota is making America's top-selling car for 12 years longer and wider, and more comfortable to drive.

The new Camry goes on sale this fall.