Stocks Start Week in Volatile Fashion

It was a choppy start to the week, as the Dow added 87 points and the Nasdaq closed flat -- impressive after a much steeper fall earlier in the session.

Investors are now gearing up for day one of the Fed's two-day meeting starting Tuesday.

The government is spending $150 million on state grants to get some workers their jobs back. The money will help re-train those who lost their jobs in high-demand industries that paid middle-class wages.

If you have an AOL email account, log on and change your password and your security question today. The company confirmed an email breach that has resulted in "spoofed" emails from about 2% of AOL accounts. Spoofing is when a spammer sends out emails using your email address in the ‘from’ field, so it looks like it's from you. There is concern that users' personal information has been exposed.

Frontier Airlines now charging anywhere between $20 and $50 to put carry-ons in the overhead bins. Passengers will also have to fork over up to $8 for advance-seat assignments. In exchange for these fees, Frontier says it's lowering its base fare by an average of 12%.

And, the next wedding you go to will cost you $592. American Express says that record figure does not include the gift - just bachelor and bachelorette parties, transportation, hotels, and attire.

Tack on an extra $109 to $200 for gifts.