Stocks Sleepy After Super Bowl Sunday

U.S. stock futures are indicating a lower open, after stellar gains Friday pushed the Dow Industrials to their highest level since May of 2008 and the Nasdaq to its highest level since the 2000.

The impetus: the Labor Department said the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 8.3% as 243,000 jobs were created in January.

It's a slow week for U.S. data points, which may leave many traders looking overseas.

Greece is very close to defaulting on its debt if it cannot agree to the terms of a second $170 billion bailout.  A default could happen as soon as next month. Crisis talks continue today after five hours of negotiations Sunday night left European leaders empty handed.

"Financial markets though are generally still optimistic a deal will be done although are just beginning to price in a little more fear it won't," says Louise Cooper with BGC Partners.

European markets are mostly lower.

Meanwhile, Super Bowl 46 was a nail biter on the field, as the New York Giants brought home their fourth Super Bowl victory. As for the commercials, they were more or less a snooze.

Branding expert Adam Hanft, CEO of Hanft Projects, says some of the ads just "weren't worthy of the hype."  He calls others, like the Ferris Bueller/Matthew Broderick spot for Honda, "exhausting rather than fun."

There were about 70 advertisers, some paying about $3.5 million for 30 seconds of ad time, that Hanft says showed us "two Americas...We saw the escapist America, disappearing into the cheerful sugary world of polar bears for Coke, or losing itself in a blur of special effects, or cackling at trick dogs and talking babies - and the real-world America of the Chrysler spot, the GE spots, and the Prudential spots."

But even if you weren't one of the 25% of Americans who watched the Super Bowl for the ads, if you love the stock market, hopefully you rooted for the Giants.

There's an old Super Bowl gauge that states if a team from the original National Football League wins the big game, the stock market will finish the year higher.

For 36 of the 45 Super Bowls before this year, the gauge has come true 80% of the time.

The Giants are an original NFL team, as opposed to the New England Patriots, who trace their roots to the AFL.