Spain's Rajoy opposes EU Commissioner budget power idea alone


Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is personally against the idea of a European Commissioner with increased budgetary powers and believes the issue should be dealt with as part of a wider debate on the future of the euro zone, he said on Monday.

"We need to fix these objectives - fiscal union, banking union, political union...And we must set a time scale. We are giving a message that we really want greater European integration. We can't say something is this first, then something else, without saying where we're going," Rajoy said at a news conference with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti.

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"This is an idea, that considered on its own, I personally don't like. As part of a variety of measures for fiscal union, it could be considered," Rajoy said at the news conference in Madrid.

Rajoy also reiterated that Spain will call for a rescue package if the country sees it as being in the interests of the Spanish people.

(Reporting by Julien Toyer; writing by Clare Kane; editing by Nigel Davies)