Single-serve coffee machine maker Keurig buying rest of Bevyz, another drinks maker, for $220M

Keurig Green Mountain, the maker of single-serve coffee brewing systems, is adding another drink machine to its arsenal.

The company said Thursday that it will buy the rest of the parent company of drinks maker Bevyz for about $220 million. It already has a 15 percent stake in the company, MDS Global Holding PLC.

The Bevyz system can make hot and cold drinks. It plans to sell flavor packets for sparkling drinks, teas, juices and coffee. Bevyz's website says that preorders will be "available soon."

Waterbury, Vermont-based Keurig is paying about 178 million euros and it expects to complete the deal within the next month. It says MDS Global Holding's 50 employees will join Keurig. Most of them are located in the Netherlands and Malta.

Keurig has also been working on a machine for cold drinks called Keurig Cold, which it plans to start selling in the fall of 2015.

Shares of Keurig Green Mountain Inc. fell $1.53 to close at $134.38 on Wednesday and lost 2 cents to $134.36 in aftermarket trading.