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Security Fee May Send Airfares Higher

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A security fee may send airfare prices soaring, and a Consumer Reports survey takes a bite out of fast-food chains.

On the last trading day of the week, Wall Street is focused on jobs -- released a day earlier because of the Fourth of July holiday. Non-farm employment rose by 288,000 jobs last month, while economists expected an increase of 212,000 jobs.

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Get ready to pay more for taking a plane ride. Beginning July 21, a security fee that helps fund the Transportation Security Administration will more than double on many new tickets sold. This means the fee on a basic domestic non-stop round-trip ticket will go to $11.20 from $5.

A new survey may be hard to swallow for some of the biggest fast-food restaurants. The results of a Consumer Reports poll showed McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) makes the worst burgers, KFC offers the worst chicken and Taco Bell sells the worst burritos. Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) is the parent company of both KFC and Taco Bell.

The survey also highlighted that younger adults are more concerned with food quality than low prices.

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