Scientist Says It’s ‘Normal’ for Sharks to ‘Grab’

The increase in the number of recent shark attacks along the Carolina Coast has some people afraid to go to the beach ahead of the holiday weekend -- but Chris Fischer, chairman of OCEARCH, which tags Great White sharks around the world, says there’s no reason to get worked up.

Fischer told FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne “if sharks wanted people… they’d be cruising around biting a lot more people.”

Fischer says “a peak of abundance” of bait brings bigger game and predators to the area and it’s normal to see a lot of smaller sharks “grab” people around this time of year.

“So from a scientist’s standpoint, you have a maximum amount of bait in that area this time of year, the summer’s peak. And occasionally… these sharks that come in all around that life get confused -- and you’re starting to see more of the typical kind of bite and release type of events that occur up and down the coast regularly every summer,” he said.

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