Republican National Committee tops Democratic rival in early October fundraising

Donors gave the Republican National Committee $8.1 million during the first two weeks of October, and the party borrowed another $5 million to help its campaign allies working on House and Senate races, according to finance reports filed Thursday.

The Democratic National Committee did not keep up. The DNC raised $6.2 million during the first two weeks of October and sent $1.5 million to its campaign committee working to defend the party's majority in the Senate. Officials said total DNC aid to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee would reach $5 million by Election Day.

Both parties faced Thursday's deadline to disclose how much cash each had raised and spent between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15. The federal reports were the last ones voters could see before Election Day on Nov. 4.

Heading into October, the RNC had outraised the DNC in 12 of past 21 months. This year, though, the DNC had bested the RNC in six of nine months.

Both parties' national organizations are spending heavily to tilt the balance of power in Senate in its final weeks.

The RNC borrowing made possible $4 million to help the National Republican Senatorial Committee and $1 million to assist the National Republican Congressional Committee. The RNC also has sent $1.5 million to state parties to help get-out-the-vote efforts in competitive Senate races.

In total, more than $16 million went out the RNC's doors since Oct. 1.

The RNC's total spending since January 2013 is more than $174 million. It raised almost $177 million in the same period.

The DNC had raised $143 million and had spent $136 million. The DNC also continues to carry about $2.6 million in debt.

DNC officials said they were opening a line of credit from which they could borrow for the final weeks. Because the documents were not signed before Oct. 15, details about that decision will not be disclosed until postelection financial forms are filed on Dec. 4.