Report: Weinstein movie exec accused of sexual harassment

By The Associated PressMarketsAssociated Press

A movie executive based in Hong Kong who is an associate of Harvey Weinstein's has been accused of sexual harassment, according to a report.

Variety said Wednesday that Bey Logan, a consulting producer on The Weinstein Company's "Shanghai," was the subject of investigative reports by Hong Kong online magazine HK01. The reports claim Logan sexually harassed actresses in his offices and on film sets.

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Logan said in a statement that he was "remorseful" about his prior behavior, but said many of the accusations weren't true or taken out of context. He denied any criminal wrongdoing, but said he'd "step back" to reflect on his behavior and the values he should uphold.

Logan is also accused of sending actresses to Weinstein's hotel room, where they faced sexual advances. The HK01 report includes accounts from seven women, one who is named.

Logan sent a statement to Variety and other news outlets, denying knowledge of Weinstein's alleged behavior. He also told Hong Kong media that he never sent women to Weinstein's hotel room.