Report: Casino revenue up 6 percent in 2012, double 2011 growth as economy picks up speed

A new report says revenue at U.S. casinos jumped more than 6 percent in 2012, the first significant increase in three years as economic growth picked up speed and more casinos opened.

Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac found that revenue generated by Indian casinos rose less than 2 percent the same year. Vin Narayanan, editor in-chief of Casino City, said growth is limited due to regulations restricting tribal casino expansion beyond reservations and differences between tribes over how best to expand.

Total gambling revenue in 2012 was $94.47 billion, with the largest share, $40.38 billion, from casinos and card rooms. Tribal casinos generated $28.14 billion followed by lotteries and racing and sports gambling.

Casino revenue grew by a fraction of 1 percent in 2010 and 2011 and fell in 2009.