Rare Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Fetch $3M

Ty Cobb card auction FBN

Seven rare Ty Cobb baseball cards that were discovered last year in a paper bag sold for a combined $3 million, according to memorabilia dealer MINT State.

The “Lucky 7 Find” hit the auction block after a family living in the rural South found the cards when cleaning their great-grandparents’ home. The cards, issued from 1909 to 1911, are extremely rare. Only 22 are known to exist.

By October, four of the Lucky 7 cards exchanged hands in private sales, and one of those cards was put back up for sale in an online auction. The top card, considered to be in very good to excellent condition, reportedly sold for $1 million to $2 million.

MINT State said it could not disclose individual card values, citing the confidentiality of each sale.

The collection’s total value of $3 million falls short of an estimated $5 million.

The family was initially unsure of how much the cards could be worth, but they were familiar with the potential value of Cobb memorabilia after seeing another rare find featured on the FOX Business Network show, “Strange Inheritance.”