Proposal by Ohio lawmakers would eliminate tax on feminine products; 5 states already have

A proposal by Ohio lawmakers would do away with taxes on feminine care products.

Legislation was introduced Monday that would make Ohio the sixth state to scrap the so-called pink tax on products such as tampons and pads.

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"It's one thing to provide exemptions to energy companies and corporations, but we can provide that same type of relief to everyday citizens," said State Rep. Kevin Boyce, a Columbus Democrat.

Rep. Greta Johnson, an Akron Democrat, said at a news conference that women spend $6 to $10 of taxable dollars every month on the products, and it's time to help them save money on the essential purchases.

"Feminine care products are not a luxury. They are a health care necessity. Lack of proper hygiene has a medical cost," Johnson said.

Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and New Jersey already have done away with the tax, The Columbus Dispatch ( ) reported.

A woman spending $10 a month on feminine hygiene products in Franklin County, where the tax is 7.5 percent, would save $9 annually if the sales tax is removed.

"It may not seem like much but over a lifetime of 2,375 days on their period, the costs add up," Johnson said.

Johnson said she's yet to hear any opposition to the legislation.