Professional services company with delivery centers in major cities expands operation in Fargo

The leader of a global professional support services company that has delivery centers in major cities such as Mumbai, London and New York says many customers prefer outsourcing their business to Fargo.

Integreon CEO Bob Gogel on Wednesday opened the doors to a new facility that will be home to the current roster of 340 employees, with room to accommodate 900 workers if and when it goes to a 24/7 schedule. The company has been in North Dakota's largest city since 2001, but hasn't had its own facility until now.

"When we bring in clients to Fargo, they go away blown away about the enthusiasm, the passion, the commitment," Gogel told The Associated Press before a ribbon-cutting ceremony. "This is friendly Midwest. They go to our other offices, they find other qualities."

Integreon has more than 2,200 employees and 250 clients throughout the world. It provides legal, document, business and research support services to law firms, corporate legal departments, financial institutions and other firms. Some businesses use the service as a virtual secretary or concierge. The Fargo campus could add up to 150 workers in the next year, Gogel said.

"We have a network of offices but this is one of the hubs. As a hub, not everybody wants their business in the U.S. to go overseas. That's fine," Gogel said. "We give clients the choice. Clients make the decision. We don't make the decision."

The 34,000-square-foot building features a training center with advanced computers, virtual meeting spaces with large video monitors, an activity center and a cafeteria. Its meeting rooms showcase landmarks, such as Big Ben in London and the Forbidden City in China, from locations for the other 11 delivery centers around the world.

The Fargo operation received economic development incentives from the state and city.

"This company could be located and be expanded anywhere in the globe, and they've chosen to do so right here in North Dakota," Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley said. "

While the company's clients include major multinationals, many of them prefer to deal with smaller centers that have a "human touch," Gogel said.

"Fargo is known at least within our client base and prospect base not as a movie or a television show, but really as a key node in our global network," Gogel said during the ceremony.