Professional poker player sues casino that claims he won $9.6 million by cheating in baccarat

Associated Press

A professional poker player has sued a New Jersey casino that claimed he won $9.6 million by cheating at baccarat.

Phil Ivey and his co-defendant, Cheng Yin Sun, filed a countersuit last week against the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa claiming that they knew of defects in the card manufacturing process and that the casino destroyed evidence.

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The Borgata sued Ivey and a co-defendant last year. It alleges Ivey and Sun took advantage of a defect in cards made by Gemaco that enabled them to sort and arrange good cards in baccarat.

Ivey says Gemaco was responsible for producing cards within contractual and industry standards. He also says the Borgata knew the card manufacturing process didn't produce perfectly symmetrical card backs.