PLCB pays out record $526M in state taxes and profits to Pennsylvania's main bank account

The agency that controls liquor and wine sales in Pennsylvania has transferred a record $526 million to the state government's main bank account.

A report issued Wednesday by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board says the total for the year ending June 30 is $13 million, or 2.5 percent, higher than the previous year's transfer.

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Most of that revenue comes from state liquor and sales taxes, but it also includes profits of $80 million that was transferred early at Gov. Tom Corbett's request while this year's state budget plan was being assembled.

The board says its net income totaled $124 million, up from $119.5 million, and that retail wine sales showed the strongest growth.

On the expense side, pension contributions for employees increased by $7 million, or 43 percent.