Players' lawyer defends NFL concussion deal amid objections; critics say too many left out

Associated Press

More than a dozen objections have been filed over the NFL concussion settlement, but a lead players' lawyer says he negotiated the best deal he could.

Lawyer Christopher Seeger says the plan was designed to help men with life-altering dementia or brain disease.

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Lawyers challenging the class-action settlement this week say it doesn't cover many of the neurological problems their clients face.

Retirees with serious dementia or Alzheimer's disease could get $1 million or more. But former players battling depression or other mood disorders wouldn't be covered.

A federal judge in Philadelphia will weigh objections next month. She declined Wednesday to let critics question Seeger under oath over the negotiations.

The NFL has agreed to pay at least $765 million over 65 years. The fund would offer awards or medical monitoring to nearly 20,000 former players.