Plants where Maryland seeks to force EPA to cut pollution

The state of Maryland is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to ensure that 36 power plant generating units in five states cut pollution. A list of the plants:


Alcoa Allowance Management Inc., Warrick Power Plant, Unit 4, Newburgh

Clifty Creek Generating Station, Units 1-3, Madison

Gibson Generating Station, Unit 3 and Unit 5, Owensville

Petersburg Generating Station, Unit 2 and Unit 3, Petersburg



East Bend Station, Unit 2, Union

Elmer Smith Power Plant, Unit 1, Owensboro

Paradise Fossil Plant, Unit 3, Paradise



Killen Station, Unit 2, Wrightsville

Kyger Creek Generating Station, Units 1-5, Cheshire

William H. Zimmer Generating Station, Unit 1, Moscow



Bruce Mansfield Plant, Unit 1, Shippingport

Cambria Cogeneration Plant, Units 1-2, Ebensburg

Cheswick Generating Station, Unit 1, Springdale

Homer City Generating Station, Units 1-3, Homer City

Keystone Generating Station, Units 1-2, Shelocta

Montour Power Plant, Units 1-2, Washingtonville



Grant Town Power Plant, Units 1A-1B, Grant Town

Harrison Power Station, Units 1-3, Haywood

Pleasants Power Station, Units 1-2, Willow Island