Pittsburgh's bike sharing system to launch next month with 500 bicycles, 50 locations

Pittsburgh Bike Share officials say the system will launch next month with 500 bicycles at 50 locations.

Bike Share Executive Director David White said Wednesday the Healthy Ride system will help people move within the city while cutting reliance on cars.

Officials say bikes will be available around the clock to riders 18 years old and older at a cost of $2 per half-hour. There will also be options for unlimited 30-minute rides for $12 for per month and unlimited hour-long rides for $20 per month.

Pittsburgh Bike Share is being funded through a $1.9 million Federal Highway Administration grant and sponsorship from local companies and organizations.

Bike-sharing operations have popped up in other cities, including New York City, Washington D.C. and Boston and starting April 23 in Philadelphia.