Pew Research says wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families largest on record

Associated Press

There's even more proof that the rich are getting richer while everyone else gets poorer.

In a new report, Pew Research Center says that the gap between the nation's wealthiest households and middle- and low- income earners is the widest it has been since the government began collecting data 30 years ago.

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Pew, which analyzed Federal Reserve data, says the median wealth of upper-income families was $639,400 in 2013. Middle-income households were worth $96,500, while low-income families were worth $9,300. Pew calculated wealth by adding a family's assets, homes, cars and businesses, and subtracted it from debts.

To qualify as middle income, Pew says that a family of three needs to make $38,100, while to qualify as upper income, that same size family would need to earn $114,300.