PCs And Tablets Forecast To Decline By More Than Expected

Industry tracker IDC trimmed both its tablet and PC forecasts on Wednesday, citing broad market declines, large inventory of notebooks and slower-than-expected adoption of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 10 operating system. IDC now expects worldwide PC growth to fall by nearly 9% in 2015 and "not stabilize until 2017," which would mark five straight years of deceleration. It expects the commercial market to lead a broader PC recovery starting in 2017, but expects volume declines within the consumer sector to continue through 2019. Separately, IDC forecast a bigger-than-expected deceleration in tablet sales of 8% in 2015, compared with its previous outlook of a 4% decline. Both Apple Inc.'s iOS and Microsoft's Windows are expected to gain market share over the next few years, while Google Inc.'s is expected to decline slightly, according to IDC.

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