Online brokerage TD Ameritrade becomes NFL sponsor to reach more fans with its ads

MarketsAssociated Press

Online brokerage TD Ameritrade is becoming an official NFL sponsor this fall to teach fans more about its services and increase the chances of its ads being seen.

The Omaha, Nebraska, based company plans to announce the three-year sponsorship Thursday morning.

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Chief Marketing Officer Denise Karkos says the company already advertised during NFL games, but she hopes the sponsorship will help TD Ameritrade reach more of the league's huge audience.

Because most fans watch NFL games lives, there's a greater change that TD Ameritrade's ads will be seen instead of being skipped with a digital video recorder.

TD Ameritrade has long been a leader in online stock trading, but the company also offers asset-management services and education. The company plans to launch a new ad campaign this fall.