Ohio autoworkers: Possible departure of Jeep with roots back to WWII 'a blow to our pride'

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Autoworkers in Ohio are on edge with word Chrysler is considering moving production of its beloved Jeep Wrangler out of Toledo.

Jeeps — starting with the original military model used in World War II — have been made in Toledo almost continuously since the 1940s. But Chrysler is considering moving Wrangler production elsewhere so it can be constructed with an aluminum body to meet with new government gas-mileage standards.

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A group led by Toledo's mayor along with Ohio state officials is meeting with Chrysler officials Thursday to find out if there's any chance of keeping the Wrangler.

Workers who have spent generations building Jeeps say seeing the Wrangler go would be like losing a member of the family.

Says Jennifer Wherry: "That's almost like sacred. You can't do that."