Ocean group finds shrimp sold at US restaurants and grocers rife with misleading labels

MarketsAssociated Press

An advocacy group says consumers can't be sure what kind of shrimp they're buying if they simply look at the label or menu at supermarkets, grocers and restaurants across the nation.

Oceana did a DNA-based survey of shrimp sold at outlets in New York City; Washington, D.C.; Portland, Oregon; and various spots around the Gulf of Mexico.

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The group says it found about 30 percent of 143 shrimp products it obtained from 111 vendors were not what the label said. It says cheap imported farm-raised shrimp is being sold as prized wild-caught Gulf shrimp, common shrimp sold as premium shrimp and shrimp of all kinds sold with no indication whatsoever about where they came from.

The group is urging Congress and regulators to enforce proper labeling.