NYSE ByRDs Take Flight on April 21!

We’re excited to announce our participation in a brand-newoptions product, to be launched by the NYSE on Thursday, April 21. BinaryReturn Derivatives, or ByRDsSM, offer a streamlined approach tooptions especially suitable for beginners, but potentially useful for tradersof all types: ByRDs generate returns from the rise and fall of listed equitysecurities, with capped risk exposure for both buyers and sellers.Here’s how ByRDs work. Bullish investors can purchase a “FinishHigh” ByRD, which returns $100 if the volume-weighted average price (“VWAP”) ofthe underlying security finishes above or below a given level on a definedfuture date. On the flip side, bearish investors can buy a “Finish Low” ByRD,which is similar to a standard listed put option in that buyers of Finish LowByRDs are bearish on the underlying. Each long contract returns $100 if yourprediction about the underlying’s price is correct – in this case, if the NYSEByRD Settlement Value closes below the strike price on expiration Friday.ByRDs are a radically simplified version of options trading.They’re cash-settled, and you can only exercise them on the expiration date.They offer a simple way to earn potential income with a straightforward, fixedreturn and a similarly known and capped risk of loss. If your prediction iscorrect at expiration, you’ll earn $100; if you’re wrong, your loss is cappedat $100. It’s a beautifully simple product that – I’m proud to say – I helpedto conceptualize in its earliest stages.NYSE Amex Options islaunching ByRDs this week on 60 highly-liquid equity and ETP securities,including AAPL, BABA, IBM, and SPY, with more tickers to be added in future.TradeKing will be the first retail brokerage firm to offer ByRDs on itslaunch day, April 21. Learn more about ByRDs here.I’ve remarked time and again that options literally giveinvestors options. That is to say, understanding options equips traders withpotential ways to profit in virtually every market condition. Why not expandyour toolkit so that you can trade intelligently in up, down, sideways,volatile and flat markets? As asimplified options product, we hope ByRDs will help investors, especially thosenew to options, better understand this asset class and how it can responsiblyfit into your overall trading strategy. At the same time, we expect moreseasoned options traders to find ByRDs useful in multiple ways, too – fromhedging existing positions to a straightforward speculative play.If ByRDs sound intriguing to you, keep an eye out for moreTradeKing-sponsored education on the product in the coming weeks. Our “OptionsGuy” Brian Overby will be happy to field any early questions you want to ask incomments below, too.Be Good,Don MontanaroCEO, TradeKing Groupwww.tradeking.com

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