NYC mayor to unveil plan to calm Rikers Island amid persistent jail violence, use of force

Associated Press

New York City's mayor is set to unveil a comprehensive plan to curb jail violence after a visit to the problem-plagued Rikers Island jail complex.

Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) will meet correction officers Thursday and tour a newly opened 250-bed unit for inmates jail officials call the department's most dangerous.

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There are currently only 17 inmates housed in the highly restrictive unit.

The mayor's visit comes amid continued high levels of violence at Rikers.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday five inmates were stabbed or slashed in the week since officials locked four Rikers facilities down for 34 hours.

And statistics show guards' use of force has climbed since 2006.

The city is negotiating a settlement to a class-action lawsuit alleging widespread guard brutality. Federal attorneys have joined that suit.