Nuclear Plants Cancel Warnings of Unusual Events

A day after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake rattled the East Coast and led to a chain reaction of unusual events being declared at nuclear plants, all 10 of the affected reactors have dropped the warning.

The plant located closest to the epicenter in Virginia, Dominions (NYSE:D) North Anna Nuclear Plant, declared an emergency shortly after the tremors caused it to trip, forcing it to temporarily run on diesel generators to maintain cooling operations.

Twenty-four hours later, the facility cancelled the declaration.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it will conduct a follow-up inspection to determine how the earthquake compares to what the plant was designed to withstand.

The other plants impacted during the quake - Hope Creek Oyster Creek and Salem in N.J.; Susquehanna, Three Mile Island, Peach Bottom and Limerick in Pennsylvania and Calbert Cliffs in Maryland - all cancelled their declaration of unusual events and continue to operate normally.