Not too Late for Cirrus Logic Shares

Let’s talk about Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ:CRUS).

I know, I’ve talked about it before -- but I still think you could get in. See where it’s kind of basing here in that chart (watch the video clip above)? It’s made a big move. It’s consolidating that move.

First of all, the execution has been absolutely phenomenal. They don’t just beat the Street; they usually beat by 25%, 30%. They put out an amazing execution. Fiscal year, next year earnings have gone through the roof because of this consensus. I still think they’re going to beat.

I don’t like to get too jargony, but I do talk about the peg ratio, which simply says that their earnings are growing so quickly that it’s worth any price you want to pay when it’s under 1.0. It’s at 0.74.

I’m still a big fan of this one. I still like this name a lot.