North Korean company renames its ships in attempt to evade sanctions over nukes, missiles

A new report says a North Korean shipping company tried to evade U.N. sanctions by renaming most of its vessels in an attempt to hide their origins.

The effort by Pyongyang-headquartered Ocean Maritime Management Company, Ltd. is detailed in the report by a panel of experts that monitors sanctions on North Korea.

The U.N. Security Council holds consultations Thursday on the report, which also says North Korea persists with its nuclear and missile programs.

The council last year imposed sanctions on OMM after Panama in 2013 seized its ship carrying undeclared military equipment from Cuba. Panamanian authorities found two Cuban fighter jets, missiles and live munitions beneath the Chong Chon Gang's cargo of sugar.

That violated a U.N. arms embargo imposed in response to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.