New York judge scolds Argentina; says nation still has obligation to pay US bondholders

A U.S. judge says Argentina officials "must stop" publicly uttering what he calls "half truths" about the South American nation's debt crisis case.

U.S. District Judge Thomas P. Griesa (GRIH'-zah) scolded Argentina at a hearing Friday in Manhattan.

Griesa said nothing will eliminate Argentina's obligations to pay U.S. bond holders. He said the officials' statements all but ignored that fact.

Argentina entered economic limbo on Thursday after failed talks. It has been forced into a default that could undermine an already frail economy if the dispute with U.S. creditors is not resolved soon.

The Manhattan court has blocked Argentina from making interest payments to creditors until it settles with U.S. hedge funds that claim they're owed about $1.5 billion.

Argentina's economy minister has said he's willing to hold further talks.