New Jersey officials campaign for Mercedes-Benz to keep its US headquarters in the state

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New Jersey officials are campaigning publicly and privately to keep German luxury automobile maker Mercedes-Benz from moving its U.S. headquarters out of the state even though it hasn't said it's considering a move.

Republican Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi has been speaking with company officials and has publicly said the state can offer incentives for it to stay in Montvale, where it is supplying about 1,000 jobs.

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A billboard company is donating ad space to the cause at her behest. Digital messages showing on four of Judge Outdoor's signs proclaim Bergen County loves Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz USA spokesman Rob Moran says the company loves New Jersey. He says he can't comment on rumors of a possible move.

Mercedes-Benz USA is the U.S. marketing and distribution arm of Germany-based Daimler AG.