Mylan and Perrigo: Vital stats and products involved if a deal happens

Drugmaker Mylan has offered $205 a share, totaling nearly $30 billion, for fellow drugmaker Perrigo. Here's a look at the companies and products that would be combined under a Mylan-Perrigo deal:

NAME: Mylan N.V.

LOCATION: The company is organized in the Netherlands following a corporate inversion. U.S. headquarters is in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

EMPLOYEES: About 25,000.

NET INCOME: $929.4 million in 2014.

REVENUE: $7.72 billion in 2014.

PRODUCTS: The company has over 1,400 drugs, but the overwhelming bulk of its business is generic drugs with sales of $6.46 billion in 2014. The company's specialty segment makes EpiPen Auto Injector emergency treatment for allergic reactions, which had sales of $1.19 billion in 2014.

NAME: Perrigo Co.

LOCATION: Dublin. U.S. headquarters is in Allegan, Michigan.

EMPLOYEES: About 10,000.

NET INCOME: $205.3 million in fiscal 2014, which ended June 28.

REVENUE: $4.06 billion in fiscal 2014, which ended June 28.

PRODUCTS: The consumer health care unit sells over-the-counter diabetes and animal health products. It is the most lucrative section of the company with sales of $2.22 billion in the last fiscal year. The nutrition products unit includes store-brand infant formula, baby cereals, and vitamins. It had sales of $551.7 million. Pharmaceutical products, with sales of $927.1 million, include the testosterone gel Androgel, along with dermatology and women's health products.