MSNBC launches Shift, new streaming information channel

MSNBC on Monday launched a new online service featuring Web-only fare.

The channel, christened "Shift," combines live news and short documentaries with original shows that focus on sports, economics, politics and other topics.

One-hour programs include the Washington-oriented "The Briefing" with Luke Russert, "Krystal Clear," with Krystal Ball discussing women's issues and a look at the week in popular culture called "So Popular!"

The slate of programming runs Mondays through Fridays as a channel apart from the existing

Besides its role as an additional information resource, Shift is designed as a site for developing new series that might make their way to the MSNBC cable channel.

Shift follows last month's introduction of CBSN, a digital streaming network that features live, anchored coverage by CBS News each weekday.


MSNBC is a division of Comcast Corp.