Millennials earning less than Generation X at the same age


According to a global analysis of eight high-income countries, the Resolution Foundation think tank found that millennials in their early 30s have household incomes 4% lower on average than members of the so-called "Generation X" at the same age, particularly in the U.K. and Spain. Looking at other countries, the Resolution Foundation said the U.S. and Germany had seen minimal generation-on-generation gains. Typical incomes for Americans approaching 50 are no higher for those born in the late 1960s than those born in the 1920s.

Several major dog food brands owned by J.M. Smucker have been recalled by the FDA after small amounts of a euthanasia drug were discovered inside. The recall includes brands like Gravy Train to Skippy to Kibbles 'n Bits. The FDA says it's "unlikely" that your dog will get sick.

Lucky Charms cereal is adding a new charm to the mix for the first time in 10 years: it’s a magical unicorn marshmallow. The white and purple unicorn will be replacing the hourglass marshmallow, which was retired last year. The unicorn is the first-ever to be "inspired by and created by kids."