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Military Action Against ISIS Weighs on Stocks

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A selloff on Wall Street kicked off the week Monday, with the Dow Industrials tumbling 107 points.

News of overnight military action is impacting stocks on Tuesday.  The U.S. began air strikes on Syria, just two weeks after President Obama announced an expanded military operation against the terror group ISIS. Any signs of geopolitical upheaval can spook investors. That's pushing the price of gold, seen as a safe haven metal, up.  The price of stocks in Europe and the U.S. are down. And a new read on Eurozone manufacturing and services fell this month to the lowest level of the year. But China, meanwhile, saw a surprise pick up in recent factory activity. Well, kids are spending more than three hours a day using apps on their smartphones and tablets. About two-thirds of that time is used messaging friends and watching videos, not doing homework, according to a new report. And this is interesting, Marist College says it can tell if students will flunk a course within weeks of starting a semester.  It uses predictive analytics and data from digital sources, like online class participation, to make the best guess if a student will pass or fail.

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