Michigan governor: Vessel damaged underwater oil pipelines

By JOHN FLESHERMarketsAssociated Press

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says twin oil pipelines beneath the waterway linking two of the Great Lakes apparently were damaged by the same vessel believed to have caused a recent 600-gallon (2,270-liter) coolant fluid leak from electric cables.

Snyder said Wednesday that Enbridge Inc. had notified the state about the damage to its Line 5 pipes, saying it was minor and consisted of three small dents.

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But the Republican governor said Michigan agencies want to make sure there's no danger to the pipelines. They carry 23 million gallons (87 million liters) of crude oil daily across the Straits of Mackinac, which connect Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

Snyder also wants Enbridge to accelerate a study of ways to prevent anchor strikes and alternatives for replacing the submerged oil pipelines.