MGM Resorts tells Nevada drought panel that it's saved billions of gallons of water

Associated Press

Sin City may look like a lush water-waster as the state endures its fourth year of a severe drought, but a major casino-resort company says its fountains and greenery are well-crafted illusions.

MGM Resorts International sustainability executive Chris Brophy told a panel of the Nevada Drought Forum on Friday that the company has saved 2 billion gallons of water since 2008 through a variety of conservation efforts.

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The company has 15 properties on the Las Vegas Strip.

He says the company's Bellagio fountain show and Cirque du Soleil's indoor water-show "O'' uses on-site well-water and that the Aria resort's outdoor wall of water wastes less than a residential pool.

Las Vegas area resorts use 7.6 percent of Southern Nevada's water.

Nearly 60 percent of the state's water is used by single-family and multi-family homes.