Melissa McCarthy film promoter strikes back at Sesame Street

The promoter of a new Melissa McCarthy movie says a lawsuit from the makers of "Sesame Street" could be devastating for the film's August release.

Lawyers for the company — STX Productions LLC — want a judge to reject trademark-infringement claims by Sesame Workshop in a federal lawsuit last week.

They say no reasonable parent would confuse R-rated "The Happytime Murders" with the long-running puppet-driven educational children's program, despite the caption "NO SESAME, ALL STREET" on promotional materials.

McCarthy's movie features the comedian as a human detective investigating grisly puppet murders with a puppet detective.

Last week, STX Productions responded to media questions with a statement from "Fred, Esq.," which it said was a puppet lawyer.

The company dropped the humor for its Monday filing, signed by actual lawyers.