McDonald's to roll out third-pound burgers after cutting Angus burgers

Bigger burgers will be back on the menu at McDonald's, at least for a while.

McDonald's says it's introducing a trio of "Sirloin Third Pound" burgers for a limited time starting later this month, the latest sign the chain is pushing to improve perceptions about the quality of its food.

The sirloin burgers would have the biggest beef patties on the chain's menu and come after McDonald's dropped its Angus Third Pounders in 2013. At the time, some analysts said the Angus burgers were too pricey.

McDonald's says the sirloin burgers will cost around $4.99, although franchisees can set their own prices.

McDonald's is pushing to turn around its U.S. business, which has seen sales slip for two years in a row at established locations amid intensifying competition.