McDonald’s the key to better US-North Korea relations?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would “allow a western hamburger franchise" into the country as a show of goodwill, according to an intelligence report detailed by U.S. officials to NBC.

The summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly back on, with the two leaders expected to meet on June 12 after Trump canceled the last meeting.

In April, South Korean adviser Chung-in Moon was even more specific, saying North Korea might be interested in welcoming a McDonald’s if tensions between the U.S. and North Korea ease, according to the Chicago Tribune.

While now a global company, McDonald’s has long been routed deep in American culture and capitalism. On January 30, 1990, the first McDonald’s eatery opened in the Soviet Union in Moscow, according to Its opening was also seen as sign that change was on the horizon. Less than two years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.

North Korea has been fairly isolated from conducting business with the rest of the world with United Nations sanctions placed on the country due to its nuclear weapons program.

FOX Business reached out to McDonald’s for comment on whether they would be interested in opening in North Korea, however, the company did not respond at the time of publication.