McDonald's Beefing up All-Day Breakfast Menu

McDonald's Corp. said Wednesday it would add more sandwiches to its all-day breakfast menu, nearly a year after introducing its biggest menu change in years. 

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Specifically, McDonald's said it would add biscuit sandwiches, McMuffin sandwiches and McGriddles to its national all-day breakfast menu sometime this fall. 

Since introducing the menu change in October, the sale of breakfast items has been a key driver of sales for McDonald's. In January, the fast-food giant posted its best U.S. quarterly sales in nearly four years, boosted in part by the all-day breakfast menu. 

Analysts, though, have raised concerns that demand for breakfast items may wane over time, especially as the company laps the introduction later this year. Before the menu change, most McDonald's restaurants stopped serving breakfast items by 10:30 a.m. 

McGriddles -- which are eggs, bacon and cheese sandwiched between pancakes -- have proven popular in the past. In the 12 months after they were introduced in June 2003, McGriddles accounted for about 40% of McDonald's same-store sales growth in the U.S, a restaurant industry analyst estimated at the time. 

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