Mattel to report political spending to NY state pension fund

New York state's comptroller says Mattel is the latest major corporation to agree to the state public pension fund's request to publicly report all corporate political spending.

Thomas DiNapoli (dee-NAP'-oh-lee) announced Thursday the El Segundo, California-based toy manufacturer is the 37th company to reach a political disclosure and accountability agreement with the New York State Common Retirement Fund. DiNapoli is the sole trustee of the $209 billion fund.

The pension fund holds Mattel shares with an estimated market value of about $21 million.

DiNapoli had filed a shareholders proposal asking the company to make annual reports of its corporate spending related to candidates as well as political parties, organizations and committees.

Mattel, maker of such iconic toys as Barbie and Hot Wheels, will start posting the information to its website this year.