Markets Resilient During French Hostage Situation

The markets showed their resilience in the face of geopolitical risk. The Dow eking out a gain of 19 points by the closing bell, the Nasdaq up three tenths of a point, and the S&P higher by 2 points.

A breaking hostage situation in France midday initially sparked concerns of a link to the Paris attacks. Several people were injured in northern France in what police now say is likely a robbery with no connection to the attacks.

The climate of heightened terror concerns affected travel stocks here in the U.S. Airlines were the biggest losers after the State Department issued a global travel warning ahead of one of the busiest days for travel.

The Dow has just two stocks to thank for virtually all of its gains today -- Exxon and Chevron. A jump in oil gave the energy sector a nice boost, taking the Dow's two energy stocks with it.

A big scare for a big-box giant. Costco sliding as it yanks chicken salad off its shelves after at least 19 people became infected with E-coli.

The outbreak was linked to rotisserie chicken that was used to make chicken salad sold at Costco.

Meanwhile, shares of Chipotle climbing despite reports that the burrito chain's E-coli outbreak spread from the pacific northwest to six states, including here in New York.