Markets Down On Syrian Airstrikes and Lackluster Eurozone Data

US equity markets extended their losses Tuesday after the United States and its allies launched a series of air strikes against militant groups in Syria.  Downbeat European economic data and new Treasury Department regulations aimed at closing tax inversion opportunities pressured the markets lower for the third day.

Market Radar - % Change

Tensions in the Middle East ended the four day slide in crude oil prices sending the commodity up $0.69 cents per barrel to settle at $91.56 or 0.76%.  Gold rose for the second day settling at $1,220.00, up $4.10 or 0.34% per ounce

Declines in the major benchmarks continued Tuesday with the Dow Industrials losing 0.68% falling 116.81 points to close at 17,055.87. The broader S&P 500 fell 0.58% shedding 11.52 points to close at 1,982.77.

The NASDAQ Composite had broken into positive territory earlier in the session but ended the day down 0.42% shedding 19 points to close at 4,508.69.  The tech heavy NASDAQ 100 closed at 4,051.57, down 9.66 points or 0.24% and was aided by Apple which hit its second highest close ever.

The Small cap Russell 2000 took it on the chin again today falling 0.94% to 1,118.72 after a loss of 10.64 points.  The Fox50 was also down closing at 1,413.17 losing 6.1 points or 0.43%.