Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for VR tour of Puerto Rico

President Trump is on the road, selling his tax overhaul plan to the working and middle class. He said it will save American families $4,000 a year. Many of the details are missing, but Trump added there will be four tax brackets and more Americans will fall into the 0% bracket.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is giving teens a modern-day allowance. They can now set up their own logins to shop online and they can buy stuff too. But don't worry mom and dad, you get final say on the purchase.

A mea culpa for Mark Zuckerberg: the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) CEO apologized for using virtual reality to “tour” the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico. But the company also announced an expansion of VR – a new headset, the Oculus Go, will ships next year for $200.

On Wall Street, the Fed signaled it will raise interest rates in December. Stocks closed at record highs Wednesday.