Mark Your Calendar: Apple Inc.'s Big Event Is Next Week

By Daniel

On Monday, Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, or WWDC, begins. As is the tradition, Apple will kick off the conference with a keynote to announce its latest versions of iOS and OS X -- and possibly a few other surprises. Here's a preview of what could (and could not) go down during Apple's San Francisco event.

Apple 2015 Worldwide Developer's Conference Announcement Art. Image source: Apple.

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Apple TV. Image source: Apple TV.

Apple TV?Apparently notWhile Apple never explicitly stated it planned to launch a new version of its Apple TV during its event next week, it might as well have. The art for the event announcement teases, "The epicenter of change," and the middle shape in the design perfectly resembles the shape of an Apple TV (Apple's set top box is square, with rounded corners).

Earlier this year, during the Apple Watch event in March, Apple reduced the prices for its current Apple TV from $99 to $69. Was this a friendly move to reduce buyer's remorse for those who purchase an Apple TV shortly before a major refresh?

But an Apple TV announcement for next week has been shelved, according to The New York Times.

The news of Apple's reported decision to not unveil a revamped version of Apple TV on Monday comes a few days after rumors of a new Apple TV television service were squashed.

Until Monday, it was also believed Apple would announce a bundled, online television service.But Re/code asserted the service will not be announced. The service has reportedly been "bogged down by negotiations over financial terms and new technology that would be required for broadcasters to deliver local programming to Apple's Web TV service."

If, for some reason, The New York Times is wrong and the Apple TV does make the spotlight, there are big expectations. Rumors were that Apple would debut a new remote control with a touch pad, a third-party app store, and a software developer kit for Apple TV developers.

iOS and OS XWhile few reports or leaks regarding Apple's WWDC plans have something to say about the next versions of iOS and OS X, it's likely the tech giant will announce major updates for both operating systems. Not only does Apple traditionally announce new versions of both operating systems during WWDC, but the WWDC 2015 information on the company's website specifically states, "Apple's renowned developer community will come together at WWDC to learn about the future of iOS and OS X."

After all, what is a developer's conference without new software?

A revamped streaming music service?Apple wants a greater piece of the growing streaming music business. The tech giant tried to snap up a meaningful portion of this market with iTunes Radio. And Apple further displayed the seriousness of its intentions to get into this business when it acquired Beats, along with its music service Beats Music. But, if rumors are true, next week Apple will make its biggest move yet in building a streaming music service.

Beats Music. Image source: Beats Music.

On Monday, WSJ shared details of the upcoming service, citing "people familiar with the plan":

A toolkit for watch developersApple will reveal new tools for developers building apps for Apple Watch, according the same Wednesday report from The New York Times asserting there will be no Apple TV unveil. Some of the tools will reportedly focus on giving developers deeper access to sensors and components, such as the heart-rate and motion sensors.

Given the narrow product and service portfolio in Apple's business relative to the company's $200 plus billion in annual sales, it will probably be worth Apple investors' time to check in on the announcements Apple makes during the event.

Apple will stream its WWDC 2015 keynote live next Monday on its website. The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. PT.

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