Mark Cuban: Dallas Mavericks to accept bitcoin 'next season'

Fans of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks will soon be able to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum to buy tickets, according to team owner and billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

When asked on Twitter about whether the Mavericks had plans to allow ticket purchases in cryptocurrencies, Cuban said fans will be able to use them “next season.” Cuban later confirmed the policy was legitimate in statements to CoinDesk and Fortune.

“We will be adding a crypto payment ability for next season. We will accept [bitcoin], [Ethereum], possibly some other currencies,” Cuban told CoinDesk, adding that the final policy was “to be determined.”

Cryptocurrencies have exploded in value in recent months, garnering interest from individual investors, major corporations and several national governments. Bitcoin, which is one of the most well-known digital currencies, has risen in value from roughly $880 in mid-January 2017 to more than $11,000 as of Wednesday.

However, digital currencies have demonstrated extreme volatility, fueling speculation among critics who say they are a bubble that will eventually collapse. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices plunged on Wednesday amid reports that China was eyeing stricter controls for digital currencies, which operate independently of any government and are not regulation.

This isn’t the first time Cuban has shown interest in cryptocurrencies. The Mavericks owner invested in a cryptocurrency fund last August, according to multiple reports, despite previously referring to bitcoin as a bubble.