Maine's scallop fishery, in midst of unprecedented growth, is target of legislator's cap plan

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Maine's rebounding scallop fishery is the target of a state lawmaker's plan to put a cap on daily harvesting.

Rep. Robert Alley is proposing legislation that would limit scallop harvesters to 90 pounds per day, per person. The proposal is the subject of a public hearing in Augusta on April 1.

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The state's large, meaty scallops are prized in the culinary world and often fetch several dollars more per pound at market than others. The fishery is experiencing a dramatic comeback from the collapse of a decade ago. The fishery bottomed out in 2005 at about 33,000 pounds and rebuilt to more than a half-million pounds in 2014.

State regulators say the fishery's success is due to new management methods that allowed the scallops to grow.