Maine ski lift that malfunctioned, injuring 7 people, had passed inspection last fall

Associated Press

A chairlift that malfunctioned over the weekend at a Maine ski resort, injuring seven people, had just minor issues that were addressed after it was inspected last fall.

The Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety required the replacement of a hydraulic pump, repair of the two-way voice communication system and servicing of an auxiliary power unit at Sugarloaf. All repairs were completed, and the lift passed inspection.

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On Saturday, the King Pine lift had a mechanical malfunction that caused the 27-year-old quad chairlift to begin moving backward.

Sugarloaf officials say a preliminary investigation points to a malfunctioning gear box that disabled two brake systems. A lift attendant pulled an emergency brake to bring it to a halt after chairs slid about 450 feet in reverse.