Maine lobster marketers, seeking niche for high catches, look to re-brand 'shedders' as treat

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Maine lobster marketers are launching a push to re-brand recently-molted lobsters as a regional treat that deserves more attention from high-end chefs and restaurants.

Newly-molted lobsters are crustaceans that have recently grown out of their old shells. They are sometimes called "shedders" in New England. They tend to cost a little less than harder or "old -shell" lobsters at restaurants and lobster pounds that sell both. The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative says the push is on to get chefs to tout new-shell lobsters on their menus.

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Collaborative members say they are marketing new-shell lobsters as sweeter in flavor and easier to prepare because of their tender flesh.

Maine's lobster catch has topped 100 million pounds for four straight years. That is motivating some dealers to seek new markets for lobsters.