Lululemon's tile work at Buffalo store evokes painful sports memories, is covered up

Associated Press

They are phrases that define the heartbreak of Buffalo sports fans: "Wide Right" and "No Goal."

Wide right is a reminder of kicker Scott Norwood's missed field goal attempt that cemented the Buffalo Bills' 1991 Super Bowl loss to the Giants. And no goal evokes the Dallas Stars' 1999 Stanley Cup win over the Buffalo Sabres on a questionable Brett Hull goal.

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Why then, are the phrases spelled out in floor tile at the Lululemon store at a Buffalo-area mall?

The yoga gear company tells The Buffalo News ( ) it was meant as an ode to Buffalo's strength in the face of adversity.

Fans saw it as a mocking slap in the face.

In response to online backlash, the store covered the area with a rug and says it'll be replaced.